Non-Skid Deck Material

To avoid the high cost of finding a pre-made non-skid kit, we drop ship various widths of Non-Skid material direct from manufacturer. Jessup Manufacturing – Safety Track® 3200 series. (Spec available upon request.)


Die cuts shown in photo, but only rolls sold.



Quality Raw Materials Long life, durable, and resistant to heavy traffic, water, and grease.
Abrasive Grain Provides a consistent co-efficient of friction.
Easy Installation Simply position, peel-off the backing paper and apply to a clean, dry, oil free surface.
Conformability Installs over most irregular surfaces.
Low Profile Helps prevent edge curl.

 *NOTE: Prices shown below no longer include drop shipping costs. Call for custom rate.


Non-Skid Self Adhering Deck Material
All Rolls are 60′ in length Each
12″ Wide Deck Material $160.00 + Shipping
18″ Wide Deck Material $215.00 + Shipping
24″ Wide Deck Material $244.00 + Shipping
36″ Wide Deck Material $360.00 + Shipping
48″ Wide Deck Material $466.00 + Shipping

Safety Track® 3200 has been designed to exceed OSHA standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Safety Track® 3200 also meets, or exceeds, the following specifications: Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302, MIL-D-17951C (Ships), and Non-slip MIL-W-5044C Type IV.

* 3M Safety Walk Edge Sealer is available by the case. Please call for details on case of (12) 5 oz tubes.