These are the installation guideline pages we send you with invaluable knowledge of how to properly prepare surfaces for vinyl lettering application. They contain a list of cleaning agents to clean surfaces to remove grease, grime, and oils. A simple explanation of how to install lettering whether it is large or small. Also how to tape and measure to place the lettering where it should belong.

Vinyl may be applied to any smooth, clean, nonporous surface. Do not apply on polyethylene or other plastics high in plasticizer. All surfaces must be cleaned prior to vinyl application.

FOR PAINTED METALS AND BASE METALS – Clean surface with a solvent such as Prep-sol (E. I. DuPont solvent #39195), Pre-Kleano (R-M or generic), Fin-L-Wash (Napa), VM&P, Xylol or Naptha. Dry the surface with a lint-free cloth before solvent evaporates. Freshly-painted surfaces must be fully cured prior to application of graphics. Always pretest any solvent to be used on a painted surface in an inconspicuous area to make sure the solvent will not attack the surface. Per YOUR environmental recommendations, WESLEY’S CLEAR MAGIC WORKS, TOO.

INTERIOR PAINTED SURFACES – Paint must be cured prior to application of graphics. The area where graphics will be applied should be cleaned with a household cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and dry. (Latex painted surfaces are not recommended for vinyl letter application.)

Occasionally a dullness or splotchiness will occur on high-performance cast vinyls, such as you have received. This condition is called “blocking”. The application of heat or the exposure to sunlight will eliminate this condition and restore the surface gloss to the material.


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