Non-Skid Deck Material

For your convenience, we drop ship Non-Skid, Self Adhering Deck Material direct from manufacturer. Jessup Manufacturing – Safety Track® 3200 series.


Die cuts shown in photo, but only rolls sold.



Quality Raw Materials Long life, durable, and resistant to heavy traffic, water, and grease.
Abrasive Grain Provides a consistent co-efficient of friction.
Easy Installation Simply position, peel-off the backing paper and apply to a clean, dry, oil free surface.
Conformability Installs over most irregular surfaces.
Low Profile Helps prevent edge curl.

 *NOTE: Prices shown below no longer include drop shipping costs. Call for custom rate.

Non-Skid Self Adhering Deck Material
All Rolls are 60′ in length Each
12″ Wide Deck Material full roll $255.00 + Shipping
18″ Wide Deck Material full roll $390.00 + Shipping
24″ Wide Deck Material full roll $510.00 + Shipping
36″ Wide Deck Material full roll $765.00 + Shipping
48″ Wide Deck Material full roll $1015.00 + Shipping

Safety Track® 3200 has been designed to exceed OSHA standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Safety Track® 3200 also meets, or exceeds, the following specifications: Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302, MIL-D-17951C (Ships), and Non-slip MIL-W-5044C Type IV.

* 3M Safety Walk Edge Sealer is available by the case of (12) 5-oz tubes, or by the tube if needed. Please call for extremely good pricing and delivery.