Stripe Kits

Kits include both port and starboard stripes with two CG Shields. If you do not see your size, call for custom pricing. 15% will be added to port/stbd partial kits for scrap material.

There is a measurement guide at bottom of page to help make sure you request the right kit size?

We apologize for the “CALL” for pricing.
We have a new process that is easier to manufacture and install, and kits are either stocked in large quantity or are printed custom.

Stripe Kits
Part Number Boat Type / Size Red Stripe Width x Height Price Each Kit
SK-95-17 16′ Non-Standard 9-1/2″ x 17″ CALL
SK-12-825 Truck (F350/450..) Door Kit w/6″ shield 12″ x 8-1/4″ CALL
SK-12-12 Atlantic Strike Team 12″ X 12″ CALL
SK-12-18 17′ Boston Whaler 12″ x 18″ CALL
SK-12-19 18′ Sea Ark 12″ x 19″ CALL
SK-12-20 30′ Rubber Pontoon 12″ x 20″ CALL
SK-12-28 25′ Boat 12″ x 28″ CALL
SK-12-36 17′ Flats BSK-12-36A oat 12″ x 36″ CALL
SK-14-22 17′ Skiff /21’Skiff /22’B/W 14″ x 22″ CALL
SK-14-24 Aluminum Zodiac RH 14″ x 24″ CALL
SK-15-15 18′ & 20′ Diamondback Airboats 15″ x 15″ CALL
SK-15-16 17′ Safe Boat 15″ x 16″ CALL
SK-15-24 27′ Skiff 15″ x 24″ CALL
SKA-15-24 Auxiliary 27′ Skiff w/ 10″Aux shield 15″ x 24″ CALL
SK-15-28 26′ & 24″ Metal Shark & 20′ ABS 15″ x 28″ CALL
  *Above kit is 1-pc stripe w/ shields    
SK-15-30 27′ Boston Whaler 15″ x 30″ CALL
SK-15-36 17′ Sea Ark / 24′ B/W 15″ x 36″ CALL
SK-17-30 21″ Utility Boat 17″ x 30″ CALL
SK-18-335 21′ TANB Sea Ark (1-pc) 18″ x 33.5″ CALL
SK-24-22A 45′ RBM 1-pc w/ shield imprinted 24″ x 22″ CALL
SK-24-51 41′ UTB (must request White stripe) 24″ x 51″ CALL
SK-24-56 47′ MLB (w/ 17″ shield) 24″ x 56″ CALL
SK-24-56A 47′ MLB (w/ 13″ shield) 24″ x 56″ CALL
SKA-15-30A Auxiliary (27′ Boston Whaler) x 30″H 15″ x 30″ CALL
SKA-15-335A Auxiliary (21′ Sea Ark) x 33.5″H 15″ x 33-1/2″ CALL
SKA-19-24 CG Auxiliary Stripe Kit 19″ x 24″ CALL

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To correctly measure your vertical height, measure from the upper right leading point (forward facing Red) straight down to the bottom of the stripe (using sample above would be the 28″ vertical height). Please note that for stripes installed onto angled hulls, the Blue stripe may actually be the longer stripe, which in that case, you would need to measure the height of the Blue stripe UP to the top install position to ensure you have a tall enough stripe to cover your installation area. You simply trim the excess below the line you wish the stripe to end with an Xacto knive or blade, and then install the shield to the correct visible placement height.  

With any custom stripe, you can request the shield be printed directly onto the stripe to avoid having to install both stripes and shields on each side; however, you will have to provide the distance from the top of the stripe that you want the shield placed.