Life Ring Lettering

Provide us with the diameter of your life ring and what text you would like to appear in each of the four quadrants. We will pre-arc the text to fit within the allowed space, taking in consideration the 3″ retro tape, and we supply 2″ Black lettering, per your Coast Guard Coatings and Color Manual and per Commandant approved requirements. We will provide custom lettering that does not meet Commandant requirements, if we are requested to, but prefer to stick to your printed Manual when possible. Each quadrant of lettering comes in one piece and ready to apply. Just peel the clear backing and place on the ring, smooth out making sure the adhesive had stuck to the surface and then remove the top masking.

Special Note: Model JB-30 Life Rings Only You must clear coat over the lettering once you install it on the life ring due to a plasticizer in that model. The buoy manufacturer has offered no solution to the problem. As a follow up, we have found 3M edge sealer has been working to solve this lifting problem but are only able to offer in a full case of twelve 5 oz tubes.

LifeRing-liferingplus LifeRing-liferingcross

QUICK GUIDE: Normal Sizes 18″, 20″, 24″, 30″

5-digit number over U.S. COAST GUARD = $25.50/set

6-digit number over U.S. COAST GUARD = $27.00/set

We do not count the periods in “U.S. COAST GUARD” when ordering complete sets of lettering (as above), but all other punctuation counts as a separate character.

“U.S. COAST GUARD” alone costs $21.00/set and hull numbers alone are priced higher at $2.00/character.

Specify the diameter when ordering. 2″ black lettering is the standard size and color for life rings.

CG Manual specifies arced 2″ life ring lettering

(3″ lettering is $1.95 per character but is only used for special non-inspection applications.)