About Us

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In Memory Of Ruth Brace (12-10-45 to 08-18-12) The best Mom anyone could ever hope for. She loved all of you like family and loved what you all do so much that she made it her life’s legacy. Although we miss her more than anything, her memory and her love of the Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, all Guard and Law Enforcement has been passed on to all who worked with her. We do our best to serve you and appreciate your support for all these years.

For all who work and deal with our family owned and operated business, you know we are dedicated to service, quality and excellence in our business of signs, brow dodgers, logos, lettering and other custom services. We have come to be recognized as the one-stop source for the Coast Guard.

Brace Enterprises, Inc. is still a small, woman owned business and a GSA listed small purchase supplier. Our business has grown from years of experience and a touch of class which echoes our name throughout the chains of command within the Coast Guard. We started working with the Coast Guard just before 1990 listening to your problems, requests, hardships, and success stories and have learned and built on them.

Our business has been customized to serve the needs of the COAST GUARD and we work with some other government units as well as the ship builders and yards. We strive to find solutions to many problems experienced in the past, and with your continued feedback and suggestions, we can only make things even better. Since the Coast Guard is our primary customer, our practices have been geared toward streamlining your PR paperwork. Most orders are shipped the same day or next business day, with the exception of heavy quarter and fiscal year end purchases. Additional charges may apply on orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii and we do service International orders on a per order basis. We offer shipping upgrades on rush items for UPS (primary) and FedEx air service and Overnight Air also for an additional cost.

We supply premium quality materials Made in the USA, such as high-performance 2-mil cast vinyl’s, and 3M materials far superior to “government-grades” that were stored, stockpiled, and often outdated from warehouse storage a few years ago.

There are some suppliers providing vessels with incorrect products. Your blueprints and Commandant required specifications are what our products are designed from, and we will only supply consistent and proven materials design from these. We are right down to the book with our fonts, typefaces and colors, and we provide some of the shipyards with all of the standard items supplied on the ships right from manufacture. Some other factories use other sources. These sources know nothing of these specifications, and just cut out letters and stick them on. When this happens, the items we provide to replace them with will not match the previously supplied items from those sources.

We supply you with instructional guidelines, upon request, and materials to help install your lettering – at no extra cost. These instructional sheets can be seen right here online. Just follow the navigation to Installation. We have created the instructions to aide you with the installation of our products to make your job easier and the lettering application struggle free.

We have expanded our business with you throughout the years to better suit your ever growing needs. We make call sign boards and all ribbon boards which are awarded to your vessels, logos to decorate your flag boxes and Brow Dodgers; station and trailblazer signs for your unit. We specialize in superstructure lettering, legends, stickers and panels you require such as “Ammunition Far Side”, “Pyrotechnics”, “Battledress Arrows”, “Fire Station Panels”, Photo Luminescent rolls & panels, compartment ID panels and vent lettering and much more. Our NAVSEA decal selection is quite large now, so anything you need please be sure to ask if you don’t find it easily.

We appreciate your trust and enjoy working with all of you. Please remember that we are doing our best to be there for you when you need us – we know you are on the front lines for us, so should you encounter any problems…we are here to work with you and for you!

Thanks to you, we feel like we are a part of the Coastie family!

Becky Brace