Flag Box & Unit Logos

Flag Box Logos are digitally printed on 3M material with UV resistant inks. We can print using your high quality artwork, as well as design a flag box logo and provide the prints from our artwork files.  I can do quick turnaround logo redraws to get high resolution artwork with any job for very low cost added, in most cases.

I have nearly 30 years of logos on file, and the disk space it takes to store these is huge.  Some of these are very old, and many cutters have several logos or update logos often.  These are just samples of some logos for display purposes only and none of the recent or new logos are listed here, so if you do not see a logo that you need, please just call or email.  I do not have to draw your logo to print it.  If you have another artist design a logo for you, send me the file and I can print for much less.  I have no minimum quantity required to order a logo, and can edit existing logos to update text and color, usually for very low or no cost, depending on job.